What Turns Gemini On — and Off

Singing, whispering, laughing, funny voices, whistling, ear blowing, foreign accents, and a clever turn of phrase are the foreplay choices for Gemini. Once his mind is engaged and you have communication between you, then energy can move away from the mouth and down the body to equally pleasurable areas. This will happen quickly if it is going to happen. Gemini does not belabor or delay anything.

Of course, oral stimulation is a basic part of any sexual encounter for Gemini. The sense of touch is very light with Gemini, and a gentle caress on the breast or stroke of his cheek will be enough to start the motors humming.

It is also a turn-on for Gemini to hear conversation from the street or in the next room as background atmosphere. Music or the sound of waves will keep him mentally engaged while he is making love. Gemini does not like silence.

Gemini can easily enter into role-playing fantasy, and it is a major turn-on. The key ingredient is a sense of play. Usually, intense bondage or discipline scenarios don't appeal to her because Gemini isn't interested long enough in sensations that might hurt. However, if her partner is into it, no problem.

Gemini is also turned on by a spontaneous, “I didn't know we were going to do that” approach to sex. There will be no method to her pleasure, and if you catch her and are not flexible, be prepared for some adjustments.


Whether or not your climate is hot, having a ceiling fan on is always a soothing noise for Gemini. She also likes the feeling of moving air currents. Decorate your room with a mobile high overhead so that from many positions, Gemini can see shapes moving in the breeze.

A major turn-off is someone who speaks slowly or takes a long time to heat up sexually. When the notion comes to Gemini, he is ready and willing. He can do fun foreplay for a while, but once sex is in motion it usually goes to a quick conclusion. There is a good possibility of an encore, but if his partner is always slower, that won't suit Gemini's sense of speed.

Another turn-off will be any heavy conversations of what didn't go well. With Gemini, the way you speak about sex is as important as the sex itself. Try having pet names for favorite positions or body parts. That way you can say, “Well, the ring-a-ding-ding was pretty good, but let's try the king in his castle again.” Speaking in this personal sex code will make Gemini pant for more.

Gemini is also turned off by fussy plans or rigid schedules. Take advantage of the moment is his motto, and if you miss the moment, it's no nooky for you.

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