The Gemini Woman

A Gemini lady can be very uninhibited and is not overly concerned who knows it. She loves to quip about sex and she loves to put her quips into practice.

Remember, Gemini is a masculine sign, and this is very evident in the Gemini woman's approach to sex. She enjoys pursuit, seduction, and flirting, but is happy to take an active part in the sexual dance. She does not tend to be demure and may find talking trashy a turn-on for herself and her partner. She can be a wanton tease.

Gentlemen, if you are interested in a Gemini gal, make a move quickly, or you will be misled and then rejected.

Gemini women's style is simple, and they usually have very good figures and a little black dress that shows it off nicely. They like solid, muted colors as well as black and white. Pale blue usually suits their complexions.

A Gemini woman can have two lovers at the same time, but her preferred way to do this is to have each in a separate city. A little distance and motion keeps things manageable.


It is a sometimes-unpleasant observation that Gemini equates insults with intimacy. If he gets on a verbal roll, he can be very hurtful. When you call him on it he will say, “I was only joking.” It is not intentional cruelty, but an annoying habit. If you notice this trait, the only thing to do is toughen up, plug your ears, or go to another room.

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