The Gemini Man

As a partner there are usually two major long-lasting partnerships in the Gemini man's life. Catch him in between these two, and you will have a very good time.

The Gemini man has a powerful interest in information about everything. He gathers facts, trivia, and theories, and thrives on news and reading magazines. He may be thoroughly versed in a few subjects but will know a little about a whole lot more.

Sex is a subject that interests him, and he will be proud of his knowledge and eager to put it into practice. These guys can be wild, especially if they get a hold of a sexy book or video. Oral interests are strong. Their nervous structures are sensitive so they may be very speedy when first with a lover. But Gemini loves to do things in twos, so another opportunity will soon come your way.

The Gemini man loves to flirt and tease and will be outrageously imaginative in terms of the compliments he pays you. If you laugh at his jokes, you will be well on your way to an affair. Gemini wants to feel mentally tantalized by a lover, and it is a wonderful game to try out any scenario that catches his fancy. A love affair will be fun, engaging, and brief.


A Gemini man will usually have long tapered and elegant hands. Touching them could be the start of a more in-depth relationship. He will also want to use his hands in unusual ways as part of the deluxe Gemini sex package.

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