Sex Planets: Mars and Venus

To learn more about yourself and your lover, see where Venus and Mars are located in your or your lover's chart. Knowing this position will give you even more information about what he or she finds hot and exciting.

Mars in Gemini

This placement gives a person great intellectual force and curiosity. Communication abilities, both sexually and verbally, are very strong. There will be a strong fantasy life with this placement, and usually the person will have few inhibitions about making fantasy reality.

Mars in Gemini can be assertive when he feels he knows a lot about the subject at hand. He might take a course in sexual techniques or read lots of books on the subject. When he feels confident, he will have no problem pursuing his intentions.

If your lover has this position in his chart, emphasize learning about sex and how much you can learn together. Men with this position will tend to want more than one go-around per date. The first is almost like a tease, then there is a solid second act, and sometimes, a whopper of a finale.

Venus in Gemini

People with this placement are witty, can rhyme almost anything easily, and love to display their verbal prowess. A conversation with multiple partners is one of Venus in Gemini's sexual delights. The energy exchanged by talking caresses her mind and gives her a charge. A steady diet of only talk may not be enjoyable, but as a prelude or when there is no one else around, a verbal shag is almost as good as the real thing.

Because of the curiosity of Venus in Gemini, she may make dates with a lover's sister or brother or good friend, not realizing that this usually is not done! She can compartmentalize, and if she sees someone who catches her eye, she doesn't think, “Oh, this person is off limits.” Gemini does rule brothers and sisters, so it is all part of the wonderful world of sexual possibilities for this very flirtatious placement.

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