Gemini's Strengths and Specialties

In a word, a Gemini's strength is her tongue. She can use it in all the ways you can imagine, and then come up with a few you never thought of. The sign's love of oral sensation translates easily to sexual pleasure everywhere.

Variety is the spice of life, and sex, for Gemini. She will not bore you, and will expect the same in return. Different positions, different atmospheres, and different tastes all will keep your affair exciting and fun.

Gemini has a great ability to tease and tickle. Handholding, making dirty gestures, or even manual stimulation under the table at social functions if you are bored could be a romantic sport for Gemini. That way you both can keep your private sex world going and don't have to pay attention to uninteresting people.

The phone, text messaging, e-mail, and faxes are all sex toys for Gemini. She loves to keep a steady stream of sexy dialogue going. That way, by the time you get together, all systems are on alert and primed for activity.


Gemini has a highly tuned nervous system. He can become hyper stimulated and needs a lot of sleep. His best times for a romp are early morning and before 10 p.m. Too many late nights wear on him.

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