What Turns Capricorn On — and Off

The single biggest turn-ons for Capricorn are laughter and structured sexual play. You don't have to memorize a manual or announce what will happen next, but in the bedroom, as in life, Capricorn wants to know what is coming. She may like to create a game plan for sex and may spend a lot of time planning exactly how she will go about seduction and lovemaking.

Capricorn does not like surprises, and feels spontaneous only when things begin according to plan. Ritual is part of Capricorn's nature, and if you and your partner develop a pleasing way of beginning each date, then the familiarity will encourage trust and hotter sex.


Capricorn rules all bones and the skeletal structure. That is not traditionally a sexy part of the body, but keep in mind unattractive knees or scaly elbows will be a definite turn-off for a Capricorn partner.

There is a tendency with the Capricorn lover to be very goal-oriented. Foreplay is nice, kissing is good, but the main event is the point and goal. However, you will notice that when sex is accompanied by lots of jokes and laughter beforehand, everything works better.

Amidst the gaiety, Capricorn usually knows what she wants and can be very direct. With the Saturn ruler, she might take a while to heat up, but then the situation looks very good for a satisfying conclusion.

Oral sex is a definite turn-on for Capricorn but less sexy than the main event. In his pursuit of excellence, a Capricorn lover may spend a lot of time working on coming at the same time as his partner. Could be a great time getting there!

What scents do Capricorns prefer?

Capricorn prefers classic scents that are understated. Patchouli, musk, and pine are examples of scents that are reliable turn-ons. Heavy fruit-smelling perfume or cologne is a turn-off.

Goats like to bite and butt their horns together. Although Saturn is a planet of controlled discipline and energy, there is lots of aggressive power here. It is a turn-on for Capricorn to get his ya-yas out by biting and hitting. This fuels his lust and can easily turn into a tickling fest or a wild pillow fight. Whether you like it fierce or tender, Capricorn likes that kind of sexual cavorting.

The turn-offs for Capricorn are unpredictable emotional displays that interfere with pleasure. She also doesn't want a lot of flirting and beating around the bush. Capricorn has enough pressure, with all the worries and stresses of the world on her shoulders, so when it is party time in the bedroom, the point is to abandon the chattering mind and get down to business.

Capricorn is turned off by irresponsibility. If she always has to make the arrangements, the where and when of it all, she will feel that her lover isn't doing his part. Her response may be to become very aggressive in bed and then find another lover. She will, however, always take the initiative about birth control.

Capricorn is also loath to participate in sex that is less than private. This is not a sign prone to popping into a large closet for a quickie. In order to let go, there must be a safe and structured space, and then Capricorn will feel open and interested.

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