The Capricorn Woman

Here you may find that feeling sexual takes more time than with some other signs. Saturn's rule emphasizes the responsibility aspect of any relationship, and Cap women may feel aroused but cautious. If a Capricorn woman throws caution to the winds though, passion is no stranger to her.

Wooing is important to her, and she does not care for a lover who appears too eager. Capricorn wants to be coaxed and doesn't like panting demands. Sensual caresses around the neck, shoulders, and back will make her melt.

She will also create a hospitable room or place for her love affairs. A Capricorn woman loves sensual textures, and making love on a fur comforter would be a wonderful experience for both people. She is not as dependent on atmosphere as other signs but loves the feel of luxurious materials.

Gifts of lingerie could be ivory or black with classic lines. Capricorn women usually have very good bone structure and look good in tailored suits with a white blouse open to show just the right amount of cleavage.

A Capricorn woman also looks great in leather. It brings out her tough side, and the combination of tailored outerwear, ivory satin lingerie, and boots is a spicy turn-on.

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