The Capricorn Man

The word horny, meaning easily aroused, comes from the horns of a goat. The connection fits the Capricorn man. He has a strong sex drive. The Capricorn man first wants passion and sex, and then affection.

It is a sign that is mindful of the status of his woman, girlfriend, or wife. A major turn-on for a Capricorn guy is being with a classy woman. The phrase “a lady in the parlor and a vixen in the bedroom” is a perfect description of the Capricorn man's taste in women. Capricorn men value decorum and a woman who dresses tastefully and usually conservatively.

Capricorn men will not make the first move unless they are 99 percent sure of success. With the water signs, such as Cancer and Pisces, men don't make the first move because they may be too sensitive and won't easily recover from a rebuff.

The Capricorn man is tougher, but doesn't put time and energy into pursuit unless there is a very good chance of having the sexual encounter he desires. The Cap man is happy with seduction, but not teasing. He is the pragmatist; getting all of those feelings and yearnings stirred up means something has to happen.

The Capricorn man's shoulders will undoubtedly be very tight, and massage to help melt away the worries is a great way to begin a fun and satisfying evening.


The back of the knee will be an especially tender spot.

The jaw is also an area where Capricorns hold tension. Kisses, earlobe sucking, and a little biting are good ways to set the agenda for sex.

Most Capricorn men work out or consider physical fitness part of their assets. This is usually a turn-on for the Capricorn woman …or any woman.

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