Sex Planets: Mars and Venus

To learn more about yourself and your partner, figure out in what sign his or her Venus and Mars are located. This information will add finesse to everything you have learned about your lover's Sun sign.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Saturn's sign is considered exalted in astrology. An exalted placement means that the planet gains in strength and stature from his location in a particular sign. Mars, which is usually impetuous, benefits from the sustained, controlled energy of Capricorn. These people have considerable sexual appetites and are very capable lovers. They like rough-and-tumble sex, but their rhythm is slow and sensual.

Men with this placement will rarely have a problem with premature ejaculation. They are interested in exploring sexual techniques that require self-control. Yoga exercises that enhance sexual pleasure might be something both you and he would enjoy studying.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus placed in the sign of Capricorn is lusty and elegant. The placement can be sly when looking forward to a hot date and enjoys organizing the where, when, and how of a rendezvous. Venus in Capricorn likes status, both in her choice of partners and in how the whole date unfolds.


Women with this placement will find that cypress, sandalwood, cedar, and pine scents enhance their sexual and sensual feelings.

A person with this placement must look good but understated. She does not enjoy flashy, outré fashions. To Venus in Capricorn, a well-tailored business suit looks like a perfect come-on because the difference between dressing for success in the outside world and undressing for sex is alluring.

Underneath, Venus in Capricorn (male or female) may be wearing very skimpy underwear, which is all part of a carefully choreographed dance to make sex hot and decorous at the same time.

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