Capricorn's Weaknesses and Foibles

Capricorn is not usually an early-morning lover. She usually sleeps heavily, and if the morning is your best time, you may have a bit of trouble getting desire going. At night Capricorn will leave the day's cares and happily stay in the bedroom, or on the living room couch.

Capricorns do not tend to be very vocal lovers and do not indulge in pet names and sweet words. If you hear a shout at the appropriate moment from Capricorn, it will be surprising and satisfying for both of you.

The very same goal orientation and love of structure that makes Capricorn successful in the world can, in the bedroom, cramp a more spontaneous sign's style. Capricorn can become a slave to habit and “the usual way.”

He doesn't want to be surprised or feel he is in competition with a more adventuresome partner. It worries him and spoils the fun. If Capricorn is too careful and cautious because he doesn't want to make a mistake, he won't enjoy a sense of surrender and release.


There are three main ways the body releases tensions: laughter, tears, and orgasms. If you find a way to combine laughter and orgasm, a Capricorn will feel happy for a long time.

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