Capricorn's Strengths and Specialties

Capricorn is (as a rule) a physically strong sign and happy to lend his robust energy to athletic lovemaking. Capricorn is also a yin, or feminine, sign, and there is great receptivity and sensitivity to this sign. He will understand if his partner is not in the mood, but by the strength of his desire, soon enough the juices will be flowing, and you both will be having a fine time.

If you have proclivities for discipline or bondage scenarios, Capricorn could be well-suited to this form of sexual expression. It is not a kinky sign, but it can understand the appeal of discipline and the attraction of one partner (that is, the Capricorn) being the boss and calling the shots. Spanking as part of playful fun could be a definite part of Capricorn's sexuality.

Another strength is that Capricorn tends to be a responsible sign. A connection with this person will either lead to a relationship or it won't. He doesn't usually enjoy relationships that are hazy and ill-defined.

Capricorn is usually faithful, and if he gives a promise he keeps it. Before a promise is given, though, he is interested in playing the field.


Remember to keep your activities structured, and you will please your Capricorn lover.

Capricorn, an earth sign, has his feet on the ground. If you are held by or hold a Capricorn, you feel his solidity. A kiss is on target and not sloppy. Caresses are definite, and if you ask him to scratch your back, he will find the exact spot that needs scratching.

The sign is also a dependable lover. If you have mentioned to your Capricorn lover that you like having Cool Whip all over your body, then you can be sure that there will be Cool Whip at your next meeting, and the next, and the next … until you say that your taste has changed.

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