What Turns Cancer On — and Off

The first great turn-on for Cancer is where sex happens. Cancerians are turned on by everything that happens in the home.

Out on the street, she may seem closed off and even fearful. If you ask a Cancerian outside of her nest what she thinks of such-and-such sexual practice, she may very well say she is not in favor of it. But in the bedroom or on the living-room couch — that good old comfortable place that has held fantasies and comforts for so long — anything can happen.

Anything that reminds her of a childhood home is also a great turn-on. Wear a perfume or aftershave that reminds her of one of her parents, and the seduction is complete. Sex for Cancerians, whether there are children or not, is the physical act that could lead to having a family, and Cancer loves to be surrounded by family. This is a sexy feeling for Cancer because it ensures continuity and that she will never be lonely.

Cancer is totally turned on by soft skin. His own skin is extremely sensitive, and he will protect himself from the cold and the sun. He loves feeling soft, smooth skin, and may pay particular attention to a lover's complexion and the skin on her legs. He enjoys a clean look even in the sexy areas and is definitely a fan of a bikini wax.


Cancer is the only sign in the zodiac besides Scorpio that physically rules a traditional erogenous zone, in this case the breasts. All the associations with comfort, abundance, and sex that breasts have are part of a Cancerian's sexual personality.

Cancerians like classic styles that are unambiguously male or female. Underwear for women should be frilly and lacy, and men prefer underwear in cotton or silk — white, navy blue, or charcoal. Too many different sensations while getting dressed in the morning can overload Cancer's sensory equipment and make him confused.

Turn-offs for Cancer are unexpected, quick sexual liaisons in anonymous places. In fact, it would be unlikely for this to happen. Cancer may look longingly at someone at a party or business function, entertain the idea of a quickie, and exercise all his power to get the message across that he is interested, but he prefers getting to know a person first and then making love.


The full Moon is the most likely time to expect any wild sexual behavior. Usually Cancer is conservative with sex, but he feels especially vibrant and sensitive at this time. However, if you are beginning a fling with Cancer, you will have better luck starting at the new Moon.

Another turn-off is a partner who comes on too strong. A Cancer man is intimidated by this approach and uncomfortable because he is not in the lead. And Cancerian women do not thrill to the caveman seduction. They are too sensitive and enjoy romance too much to favor a blunt sexual pass, in which there is no finesse.

Multiple partners, or any kind of orgiastic sexual activity, is another turn-off. Cancer has the libido to enjoy this, but there are too many unfamiliar vibrations to make it satisfying. One-on-one is the best approach.

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