The Cancer Woman

The lunar emphasis in a Cancerian woman reveals itself in a very feminine vulnerability that is also fiercely protective. She can be a hotshot businesswoman who cooks every night, or a scholarly type lost in the historical past. Whatever her profession or work is, having sex is almost always part of a relationship. One-night stands and sex on a whim are not usual. She invests too much of her sensitivity in making love.

Sex for a Cancer woman usually includes sympathy and good food. Taking care of a lover turns her on. This is not only to please, but also because it makes her own sexual juices flow. She likes orgasms just fine, but is much more excited by her lover's release. It is a mark of surrender and intimacy for her.


Cancer ladies frequently love to stay up late. Sex in the morning is not their best time. If your room has a view of the rising Moon, plan on sharing it with your Cancerian, and you both will feel kissed by the moonbeams.

As a water sign, Cancerian women feel relaxed and sexy near the water. Surprisingly, they may not like to be in water. She can feel waterlogged when she spends a long time in the ocean, and if the surf is rough, Cancer is not happy. Fighting the waves is the opposite of what feels good to her.

Cancerian women are not big on adventurous sex. This is a sexy sign of the zodiac, but sensitivity and innate modesty preclude riotous, wild behavior. If her lover is into something new or risky, the Cancer woman will follow along and may even feel thrilled at the prospect, but usually she won't initiate anything unusual. It would also be unlikely for a Cancer girl to do anything sexual in a semipublic space. The very thought of being seen or interrupted would freeze her cold.

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