The Cancer Man

Cancer is a feminine sign and the sign of the Great Mother. The Cancer man is usually very connected to his feminine side and is rarely into conquer-and-dominate kinds of sex. He wants a partner to follow his lead for mutual pleasure, but his lead is more like a gentle invitation.

You will find one of the most appealing parts of his personality in his lunar laugh. This unmistakable and often uncontrollable laugh ebbs and flows with the lunar cycle. It reflects his wonderful sense of humor, and the ability to tell stories and humor himself out of blue moods. Laughter almost always precedes sex for the Cancer man.

A Cancerian's masculine side is frequently more intellectual than physical. He loves history, reading, and music. Frequently, he is an avid collector of books, antiques, or anything that seizes his historical imagination.

He is also usually very astute about money and accumulates it easily, but is not keen about parting with it without good reason. In the seduction phase of an affair, a Cancer man is very generous. He wants to show his date a good time, and feel important and potent with how much he can spend.

If the relationship moves toward a commitment, and Cancerian men are definitely the marrying kind, the household budget will be important to maintain. It's best not to talk about money matters until way after sex. Sometimes Cancer men don't know what to do with their possessive feelings.

However, Cancer men can be charmed out of any of their tightfisted attitudes with a smile and a few tears. If he sees that something is distressing his lady, he wants to rectify it. Emotional distress reminds the Cancerian man of his own very sentimental and emotional side, and he will go to lengths to avoid showing that to a lover at first.


Give your Cancer man time to get used to any gift of clothing, such as a sweater or shirt. He will sniff around it, try it on, maybe leave it in the tissue paper for a while, and then decide he loves it and wears it frequently. Chose nighttime colors such as gray, black and white, navy blue, and black.

The idea of a sex-buddy or a friend-with-benefits goes against the grain of a Cancer man. It is all too quick and too flashy for him to feel comfortable. Cancer likes history and wants to have a history with a person before he exposes himself physically. His quiet confidence blooms in relationships.

Before he picks a lady for life, Cancer may dabble in what the French call amour de la boue, or love of the mud. This is a brief tour through the more risqué and kinky areas of shagging. The motivation here is curiosity; once a Cancerian man passes through this phase, it is finished.

If this appeals to you, catch the male crab during this phase without any thought of a future relationship, and you probably will have a good time. It is unusual for a Cancerian man to make a commitment solely on the basis of hot sex.

As mentioned before, the Moon influences all Cancerians. A Cancer man will be hot to trot at the full Moon, and ready to explore the outer reaches of his sexual personality.

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