Cancer's Weaknesses and Foibles

The fussy factor is a Cancerian weakness. If things don't feel quite right in the bedroom or he has had a bad day, it is difficult for him to change gears. The only remedy is a bath and/or alone time. This is tough if you have your heart set on a sexy evening, but if you can be patient, the crab will emerge in a better mood and ready for sex.

Weaknesses also involve athletic, challenging sex. Cancer's problem is not that he lacks libido but that anything rough or overtly kinky startles him, and he feels he can't be at his best. There is a very traditional streak in most Cancerians, and they do not like to experiment unless they are absolutely sure it will work.

Introduce innovation slowly and Cancer will get the knack, but Cancer builds up confidence from past successes. If something does not go well the first time out, then it is usually crossed off the list and will not be attempted again.


Cancer lovers must learn from their own experiences. He will not appreciate sex manuals or instructional video-tapes. Looking at other people having sex infringes on his sense of uniqueness. Erotic films or pictures, however, will definitely stimulate him, as Cancerians are very visual people. They can imitate anything they see and like.

You may assume that, as a water sign, Cancer likes to make love in the shower or the pool. This is not always true. Water is the element of emotions, and with a watery environment in conjunction with Cancer's naturally fluid emotions, there could be too much of a good thing. Cancerian women don't feel quite solid in these situations, and Cancerian men may become so relaxed that they can't rise to the occasion.

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