Cancer's Strengths and Specialties

Cancer is the only sign besides Scorpio that rules a traditional erogenous zone, breasts. Women feel sexy and proud of their boobs, and men love to caress and touch them. Men also have very sensitive breasts, and will love special attention paid to their nipples.

Breasts serve double duty in the Cancerian view of sex — they are sexy and nurturing. A child sucks for food, and a lover for pleasure. What a great invention! A male Cancerian will know just the right touch for his lover's breasts, and a Cancerian woman will be very responsive when her lover knows the right way to handle them.

The symbol for Cancer looks suspiciously like 69. Traditionally the symbol denoted the breasts, but it also clearly has a connotation of another pleasurable activity that Cancerians love. This particular position is definitely a good choice for your Cancer lover. Everyone is nurtured and pleasured at the same time, and the bodies fit well together.


Cancer also rules the stomach. Rubbing tummies and gentle kisses there may be the best prelude to a night of hot, good sex.

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