Cancer and Sagittarius

Water and fire in this case fizzle, rather than boil. Cancer's sexiness depends on a feeling of emotional security for the moment, and Sagittarius is not into the prelude to shagging that Cancer needs. Cancer wants closeness, and implicit in that desire is the possibility of a relationship continuing. Sag feels the Crab's pincers and says, “Get me out of here.” If Cancer is very young and feeling bold, an affair between the two is exciting, and there is no other zodiacal combination that can laugh together so well. Long term, these two live life with different expectations and will usually pass each other by.

Cancer and Capricorn

These are opposite signs, with water and earth as the elements. This is a hot combo because it fulfills both signs' deepest needs. Cancer feels secure, and Capricorn feels nurtured and entertained. Capricorn will never fear that Cancer is a gold digger because Cancer always wants more than money and status. Between the sheets, the emotional flow of sexy feelings truly can melt Capricorn's stubbornness and tensions. In other words, Cancer helps Capricorn lighten up. Traditionally, Capricorn has symbolized the father, and Cancer the mother. This fundamental polarity, which is the nucleus for a family, is a hot connection and ensures the future of the human race.

Cancer and Aquarius

This is a not-so-hot combination. Cancer is too emotional to tolerate the dispassionate friendliness that Aquarius offers to his friends and lovers. If Aquarius is going through one of his turned-off phases, Cancer will take it personally and feel abandoned. Once in a blue moon these two might get it on but that isn't usual, nor is it satisfying or long lasting.


The soft skin under the upper arm has a delectable feel in Cancer women. Caressing this area feels especially intimate. From there, the breasts are not far away.

Cancer and Pisces

The Moon and Neptune are the planets involved in this combination, and both signs are in the element of water. It is a sexy combination in its own way. Hot means sparks, and these two signs are more into merging and highly emotional sex. Physically they share a love of subtlety, groove on stimulants, and retreat from the world to create a pleasure nest. Cancer and Pisces together can create infinite fantasy variations that keep them occupied and cooing for a long time. Cancer will work hard to create a love nest for the Crab and the Fish so they may enjoy each other's sensitivities.

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