What Turns Aries On — and Off

There is a certain sparkle in a person's eye when contemplating a fine time in bed. It can happen walking down the street when you catch someone's eye, or in the midst of a boring meeting, when that curly haired cutie looks at you from across the conference table. This sparkle is a major turn-on for Aries. It promises everything and demands nothing.

Getting together with Aries is easy because she is so turned on by the possibilities of sex with different people. She is a woman of her word, so if she decides to be in a faithful, committed relationship, you can believe her, but until that time, playing the field is a delight.

Another turn-on is a quick-paced person. Aries does not like to hang around for languid or slow-moving people. He speaks quickly; expresses himself with large gestures; and likes to pop into bed, pop out, and then maybe pop in again. Getting bored is almost as painful for Aries as it is for Gemini.

Aries can be a champagne lover: bubble, bubble, and then go flat. If Aries's interest and ardor wane, or his attention moves to something else, there is usually no getting things back on track. There are too many other people and possibilities waiting to be conquered.

Another turn-on is a physically fit body that can accommodate athletic and vigorous sex. You know those people who give you a firm handshake that is almost too firm, but it feels good? Aries in bed is like that — very definite energy and very definite wants. A major turn-on is deciding on the sexual plan of action and executing it. With Aries there won't be much conversation, just a few agreed-upon cues, and full throttle ahead.


Aries are hot blooded and can have higher-than-normal fevers when ill. This is the normal way their bodies repel infection. It also means that even when they are sick they are usually horny.

A turn-off for Aries is anyone who is a generic sex machine. A person who gets physical just to do it, without any consideration of the person and the fun leading up to it, will not appeal to Aries. Aries likes sex, but if it is without at least a feeling of camaraderie, the experience will not be satisfying or fun. A machine is cold, and Aries is hot.

Sexual role-playing is also a turn-off for Aries. She wants the real body-to-body experience without a lot of artifice. Besides, putting the imagination to work to cook up a fantasy of the virgin and Attila the Hun could be better spent just enjoying each other between the sheets.

Aries is turned off by injustice. This consideration may not be evident for a romp in bed, but a person who may be attractive and sexy but treats other people in a snobbish or superior way will not find his way into Aries's heart or bed.

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