The Aries Woman

This woman was born a leader, even if she tries to be one of the gang. As mentioned previously, Aries is a masculine sign, and all that assertive energy in a woman cannot be corralled into being a nice, sweet girl.

Before feminism, Aries women must have felt very frustrated. Now that there are many possibilities for expressing different sides of a woman's personality and sexuality, Aries women do not have to hide their drive for power and sexiness behind bouquets of violets or demure expressions.

These women have strong libidos and do not want to fool around waiting to be pursued. They can make the first move and will be thrilled when it is accepted, and courageous enough to keep going if rejected. They tend to be sports oriented and very active. If, for some inscrutable reason, your Aries ram is shy, you may find that, in bed, her wild nature is liberated. It would be worth the effort to pursue this seemingly timid Aries.

Aries has a good sense of style, but nothing fussy or frilly will suit her. The Aries woman likes the tailored look, and loves simple, sexy black or red underwear.

She may love the idea of driving or riding a motorcycle with accompanying leather outfits. The Aries woman is all about a tough exterior and a sweet, powerfully sexy interior. She is not inhibited and is happy to have sex in unusual places. Sleeping naked after making love is usual. Fabric gets in the way of body-to-body cuddling.

On top or on the bottom, sideways, or oral pleasure — once the Aries woman gets going, her engines are strong, and she will turn to her lover with sheer delight in physical passion. She may say that she wants more than a one-night stand, but if there is not enough sexual energy between the two of you, she will move on without too many qualms. It simply is not fun for Aries to deal with a lover who can't match her ardor.

Beneath the tough exterior of an Aries woman is a child who can be hurt easily. The ego that is associated with Aries needs stroking, and she especially needs compliments and assurances that her sometimes tomboy sexuality is the best for you. She also wants to know that her breasts are just the right size for your hands.


Even in the foreplay department, Aries women may require less than women of other signs. She likes to get right to the point and can be bold about telling you what she wants.

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