The Aries Man

Aries is by definition a masculine sign. The Aries guy is comfortable with being male and loves the fact that he is a boy. He will retain a boyish charm throughout his life. You will always know where you stand with an Aries fling, and everything up until marriage is a fling.

There can be a brash quality to a lot of Aries men that belies the sensitivity beneath the Ram's energy. Aries men are not sentimentally sensitive, but they look out for the underdog and are protective. If an Aries man sees a woman he has the hots for and she is being unfairly treated, it will add fuel to the pursuit. Saving a damsel in distress, even if it leads to a fistfight, is a great turn-on for Aries.

In terms of style, Aries likes clothes that feel comfortable. He has a touch of the dashing and may enjoy clothes that are snazzy and suggestive of different historical time periods. Even if he is not very athletic he will have sporty clothes.

Temper flare-ups are common with Aries men. They are not people who are full of rage, but instead they feel anger whenever the team lets them down, the world is unjust, and they don't get the lady they want. They get their problem off their chests and move on to the next campaign.

Lastly, Aries the conqueror wants to know that his battle equipment is grade A, in fine working order, and better than the other guy's. Compliments about this part of his anatomy are essential, not exactly because he feels insecure, but because it is a potent turn-on to know that, in your eyes, he ranks in the size and desirability department.


Aries's head is an erogenous zone! Stroking the brow, luxuriating in the hair, kissing the nose, and massaging the ears and cheeks are special turn-ons.

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