Sex Planets: Mars and Venus

To get the full scoop on sexual chemistry, find out where Mars and Venus are for you and your lover. Considering these as well as the Sun sign will increase your understanding of a lover's and your own libido.

Mars in Aries

Mars is the ruler in Aries. The energy flows red-hot and is very assertive. This sign placement must be physical, either with sports or with bedroom Olympics. There are usually great shows of passion and directed pursuit toward the object of his affection and desire. Consistency is not a usual mood.

Mars in Aries cannot bear to be frustrated and has no patience in dealing with long, laborious negotiations either for business or sex. “Let's get going” is his favorite phrase, and he can be so fired up that he doesn't notice that he's stepping on someone's toes. When he does realize there's an issue, he will apologize profusely but not slow down.

Sexually speaking, Mars in Aries will love hot, quick sex in a variety of settings. If the notion strikes him in the midst of a ball game, he will start looking for a convenient nook or cranny. Why wait, he says to himself, and if you feel daring, it will be a hot encounter. If you are not interested, he will pursue you at first, but he won't persist if he's definitely rejected.


Mars in Aries loves caps and hats. Give them as gifts, and play sexy games with different hats. Commemorate occasions in your romance with a monogrammed baseball cap. Favorite colors, of course, lean toward the reds.

Mars in Aries may be prone to rash decisions and is very temperamental. He has a bad habit of picking fights for the pleasure of asserting his power. He may never duke it out with someone but will argue a point on principle until he feels he has won. If this talent is on the side of truth and justice, it is a formidable foe. But if it is in search of getting a hot, fresh cup of coffee, it is terribly misplaced.

Venus in Aries

This planetary position sparkles with fireworks and sex appeal. There is a rugged strength to people with this position. Women are pals as well as lovers, and are usually very athletic. They can be good tap dancers! If you want her to tap dance all over your body, the lure of adventure and fun is a powerful aphrodisiac. She will almost swagger when she walks and will have very few inhibitions about expressing desire.

Alas, as with all Aries placement, consistency is not her strong point. Unless she is constantly stimulated sexually, mentally, and emotionally, she is a hard one to keep burning for you. If this is a turn-on for her partner, expect lots of late-night romps and impromptu afternoons.


The smell of garlic may not be a great turn-on, but using it in cooking will fan Aries's fires. If you hate the smell on your breath, eat some parsley and it will vanish.

A woman with this placement may find that the outside world may need some time to get used to her assertive manner. She may grow up feeling she doesn't fit in because she doesn't feel very girly. An occupation that allows her to express herself physically will help in this regard.

Finding a partner who can match her energy will not be difficult. The difficulty is keeping her interested. Venus in Mars's sign is not an easy fit, but it certainly can be exciting.

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