Aries's Weaknesses and Foibles

As you may guess, Aries's love of speedy conclusions can be a weakness. An Aries guy may be so eager that he has a tendency to ejaculate prematurely. There is always another chance, and perhaps even another, but until you get the timing coordinated, this may be a problem.

For those signs that love consistency and dependability, whether in the act or in a relationship, Aries is not the one for you. An Aries has too much energy to limit himself to one relationship until he decides to marry. When Aries is with a person he will give his all, but there may be a few others who are also receiving his all.

Aries is not keen on the finer points of lovemaking. Sensuality doesn't interest her as much as immediate hot and sudden sex because her sexuality is hot and sudden. Stimulation can be from bodies, external sounds, and rhythms like music or percussion. Island sounds like a steel drum are especially evocative.

For Aries, sexual communication has to happen in the context of activity. Aries doesn't like to chat or have lengthy discussions about what worked and what didn't. He is helpless without the enthusiasm of doing. Talking is a mental activity, and boring.

To work things out between you, try this approach. Take his hand, put it where you need it, and let nature takes its course. Aries will assume if you have long discussions that you just don't like him, and will shut down the heater and scoot.


The best gifts for Aries are red sweaters, red silk underwear, red T-shirts, or red anything.

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