What Turns Aquarius On — and Off

The major turn-on for an Aquarian is being unconventional. A partner must either enjoy this part of Aquarius's personality or forego the affair. Sneaking into the office computer room and having a quickie is an Aquarian's idea of double pleasure: sex, and a unique spot to enjoy it. Even if you and your Aquarian are at home for a quiet date, he will want to entertain the idea that something unexpected could happen. This is a sign that might erect a trapeze in the bedroom to see if hanging upside down would be pleasurable.

Spontaneity is a major turn-on. His sexuality is like a lighting bolt, and he can turn it on and off with incredible speed. When he's on, the effect is electrifying; when he is turned off, there is no use trying to get him in the mood. The battery is low, and only when he recharges will there be any action.

Aquarians have lots of kinetic or electrical energy. Making love with an Aquarian can give you a jolt, and if you are not up to it, the energy can be upsetting. It is sexy and impersonal at the same time. Because Aquarius's personality is so tuned in to the currents of contemporary media and computers, he is turned on by a multimedia experience. Making love with the stereo, computer, and television all on at the same time is stimulating for Aquarius.

Knowledge is sexy to Aquarians. Stock a library with books or videos, and you and your Aquarian lover may hole up in a cabin for days and not get bored. An obvious turn-off is boring sameness.

Also, this is a sign that can be bisexual or have multiple partners without feeling particularly weird or inhibited about it. Aquarians are comfortable with and may even prefer sex with a partner of a different race or culture. For Aquarius, it is all part of the brave new world that they envision, where sensation is paramount, and messy emotional displays minimal.


The wrists and ankles are usually very delicate in male and female Aquarians. Kissing, rubbing, and tickling them are especially intimate activities.

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