The Eccentric

Not every Aquarian is technically a genius, but there is always one part of the personality that is unique and not part of the status quo. In the game of sex, Aquarius can be as inventive as he is in other parts of his life. Be prepared for the weird, wacky, unusual, and electrifying.

This does not mean that Aquarians are kinky. Traditional whips and chains or any other XXX-movie scenario might be too hackneyed for Aquarius. He wants to follow his inventive whims and has the daring and enthusiasm to do it. His imagination is boundless.

When astrology first developed, the furthest planet the ancients could see was Saturn, and Aquarians were thought to be ruled by Saturn. In 1781, the planet Uranus was discovered, and from that time revolutionary Uranus was considered the ruler of Aquarius. Sometimes Aquarians will be prone to Capricorn-like conservatism.

However, as an air sign, Aquarius in the sexual arena is more influenced by thoughts and fantasy than earthy sensuality. This is a friendly sign, and sex and passion are not the be-all and end-all of life. The idea of sex — thinking about it, talking about it, concocting ways to meet that special someone — will engage this person's very fertile mind. Having sex may feel like an anticlimax because the imagination and fantasy life are so rich.


More presidents of the United States have been Aquarians than any other sign. No wonder we are one of the leading nations in terms of alternative lifestyles.

Sexual affairs may challenge Aquarius to investigate this new position, that new theory, or perhaps a group situation. She believes that having a group of friends is the best part of life, and if that turns into a group grope, it's okay by her. Her sexual energy is electric in nature, and she can catch the vibes of an interested party faster than any other sign.

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