The Aquarius Woman

She is a cool customer. The Aquarian woman is ruled by a yang sign and is also interested in being an iconoclast. She loves to break stereotypes. She may be a tomboy or a sleek fashion model.

If she is influenced more by Saturn, then the conflict between her desire to be unique and her wish to maintain the status quo puts her in a sexual bind, and she can stay in a rut for a long time. If passion leads you toward an uptight Aquarian woman and you unleash her potential, you will find a rush of passion that will keep you panting and very excited.

The Aquarian woman loves to have her lower back rubbed. She tends to be physically fit and may be able to do a few pretzel positions that will surprise her partner. She is game to try anything.

Her lovers will always be her friends because that is the highest compliment she pays anyone. She might groove on the way the hair on her mate's belly leads exactly to his pubic hair and feel like she has discovered Africa, or enjoy putting a lightning-bolt tattoo on the inside of her ankle.

She will be happy taking the dominant position in lovemaking. She will also be happy in making the first move because, for the Aquarian woman, it is all part of a game that interests her when she is in the mood. Romance is not so important, and atmosphere is also not so important. Communication of like minds that includes physical sensations is important.


Brush your Aquarian woman's hair, which will probably crackle with electricity, especially in the winter months.

If this sounds like something Mr. Spock from Star Trek might say, realize that Aquarians are future-oriented and believe wholeheartedly that passion has led the world into chaos. They, in their own relationships, are trying to right the balance.

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