The Aquarius Man

Remember the two rulers of Aquarius: Saturn and Uranus. The Aquarian man ruled by Saturn will tend to be more conservative and cautious. He typically will not have the strong sex drive that Capricorn does. He wants a relationship with parameters and a few quirks, for no matter how much Saturn is in his personality, unpredictable Uranus will still affect his attitude.

This type of Aquarian will be more dependable and regular about his sexual relationships. He will be tolerant, interested in expanding his mind, and seduced by innuendo rather than sweaty, hot passion.


The clear, crisp air of the mountains in winter is a tonic and turn-on for Aquarius. Consider a vacation at a chalet. After skiing or walking in the cold, plunge into an outdoor hot tub and then run naked into the snow and see what happens.

The Uranus-ruled Aquarian man has a unique place in today's society because he is tuned in to the changing nature of relationships between the sexes. He can be content with an aggressive woman, or grow his hair long and not mind if someone mistakes him for a woman. Being unique is sexy for the Aquarian.

This is the man who, on principle, believes that all people should express their sexuality in whatever way they would like. He may champion gay marriage, bisexuality, and multiple partners

He loves to talk about the possibilities of society coming to terms with messy emotions. He himself does not like to feel messy emotions, and wants his sexuality to be free of the constraints of typical monogamy. In his own relationships, he may not be as liberal as his conversation leads you to think.


Bring your Aquarian man a model airplane as a gift. It is offbeat and may wake up the boy inside the man.

For the Aquarian man, communication is about sharing ideas and envisioning a better world. If that includes hugging, kissing, and making love, then so much the better. He will enjoy making love after physical exercise because his circulation is primed. Hot and cold showers give him a tingle, and then he is ready to plunge ahead.

When things get physical, maintain eye contact with your Aquarian man. He gives and receives energy through the eyes and is highly stimulated when a connection is maintained.

The Aquarian man believes in no inhibitions, but you may find that he is a bit modest when it comes down to being naked with a partner. Don't be afraid to take the lead in sex. Just assure him that he is free, and you will have the best of this very individual sign.

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