Aquarius's Weaknesses and Foibles

This sign is not the warmest of the zodiac. They are wonderful friends, but the nitty-gritty of passion is not part of Aquarius' vocabulary. Aquarians are not inhibited, just not super-hormonal. Sensations and vibes count a lot with them. Aquarius's nerve endings are so highly charged she can communicate almost telepathically with a partner.

Her weakness is that she can turn off her energy at will and can even mentally disconnect while making love. All of a sudden, a more sensual sign such as the water or earth signs may feel abandoned and wonder, “Who turned off the juice?”

It is difficult to get into a sexy rhythm with Aquarius. She will be hot and passionate for one week, and then passionately interested in science fiction or something else for three weeks. If you pretend you are a Martian or create an equally fascinating fantasy sequence, you may maximize your chances of continuing sex.

An Aquarius may not always feel comfortable with random touching and silence. Chatting throughout sex and even spinning a wild fantasy while she is doing it might be a cosmic orgasm for Aquarius: it keeps the body and mind percolating together.


Aquarius can separate love and sex better than any other sign. They will be very clear which category you fall into, and will not change their minds.

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