Adding Ties

Ties are intended to keep the bumper pad firmly in place. Wedging the pad between the mattress and the slats will accomplish part of this, but you don't want the top sagging downward. You will need to secure the pad at the top as well as the bottom. That is why this pattern calls for fourteen pairs of ties.

Cutting the Ties

To make the ties with self-gripping fasteners, cut fourteen strips of cloth 12″ by 2½″, or cut your woven ribbon into 12″ lengths. If you want your ties to actually tie, cut fourteen 18″ by 2½″ strips, or cut your ribbon into 18″ lengths.

Fold the fabric strips in half, the long way, right sides together, and stitch ½″ from the long edge. Clip a safety pin into the seam allowance, and use it to turn the strips right side out. Press them flat. Tuck the raw edges at the ends inside, and blind-stitch them closed.

Adding Self-Gripping Fasteners

If you have 12″ lengths, either fabric or ribbons, you will need to add the self-gripping fasteners next. Separate the loop side from the hook side. Cut the loop half, or soft half, into fourteen 3½″ pieces. Pin one loop half to one end of each of the ties or the wrong side of the ribbons. Sew all around, close to the edge.

Cut the hook or stiff side into fourteen 1¼″ pieces. Sew these to the right side of the ribbons on the end opposite the other fasteners or on the opposite side of the opposite end from the other fasteners on the cloth ties. In other words, if you fold your ties in half, both of the fasteners will be either up or down.

Sewing Ties to the Pads

Fold the fastener ties in half so the inside edges of the two halves of the fasteners are even. In other words, the soft-sided end will extend a couple of inches below the other end. Pin the fold of your ties to the right side of the bumper pad, even with the raw edge. These will be on top of the ruffle on the top edge. Place one tie at each of the four corners of the pad, keeping them inside the side seam allowance on the ends. Place one tie on the upper and one on the lower edge of every other basted line or seam, evenly spacing the ties across the top and across the bottom. Stitch them in place along the seam line.

If you are not using the fasteners, fold your longer ribbons or cloth ties in even halves and place them the same way.

It is considered unsafe to have ties on bumper pads that are more than 9” long. Anything longer than that can get wrapped around an active infant's throat. If you are rejuvenating an old set of bumper pads, measure the ties and cut them to 9” or replace them with the self-gripping fasteners.

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