Making a Child's Ball

A child's stuffed ball illustrates how easily different shapes can be made using basically the same techniques. Copy the pattern shown in FIGURE 8-6, enlarge or reduce it as you choose, and cut twelve pieces from scraps.


Ball Pattern: Twelve pentagons will sew together into a sphere.

Because of the difficulty of manipulating your pieces under the needle of your sewing machine, the last steps of construction will have to be done by hand. In light of this, you may want to do all the piecing by hand. If so, begin by pressing the seam allowance under on all the pieces. Blind-stitch six pieces together, five pentagons around a center one. Do the same with the other six pieces. Blind-stitch the sides as shown in FIGURE 8-7.


Forming “bowls”: Sew pieces together in two groups of six.

Fit the two “bowls” together to make a ball and blind-stitch across nine of the ten short sides. Stuff the ball and stitch the last side closed.

If you want to try to machine-stitch the ball, do not press the edges under. Stitch the pieces together the same as you did the block, forming the two “bowls.” Next, press the seam allowances under, and stitch the two halves together by hand.

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