Fashioning a Fabric Wreath

Wreaths make fun decorations all year, not just at Christmas time. Choose spring green or autumn colors. Decorate with flowers or lightweight objects that symbolize a particular holiday or season in place of, or in combination with, ribbons and bows.

You will need to cut your wreath fabric into two equal circles. An 8″ radius is a good size. To mark the circle, you may want to use the string and folded cloth method described in Chapter 6 in the round tablecloth section. Cut a circle with a 1½″ radius out of the center of both circles.

Add any piping or ruffle you want for the outside of the wreath. Keep any ruffle narrow so it doesn't overshadow the wreath. Also, because of the curve of the circle, a wide ruffle would have to be gathered very tightly to still be ruffled at the outside edge. For this pattern, do not overlap the ends of your trim. Fold ruffle ends up as you sew them on the circle, leaving a ½″ gap. Taper piping off the seam line into the allowance when they are about ½″ apart.

Put the right sides of your two circles together and stitch narrow seams around the outside edge and around the inner circle.

You can appliqué your last name or a business name on your wreath front before you sew the circles together and hang it on your front door. Or you might consider some other friendly word or phrase, like “Welcome” or “Peace,” instead.

Clipping and Turning

Clip the curve on the center circle with straight clips, and cut Vs in the outside curve. To turn, cut your wreath through both layers from the center of the gap left by the trim straight through to the center hole. Turn the broken circle, and press the seams open.

Put the cut ends of the front fabric of your wreath right sides together and stitch a ¼″ seam, adjusting the wreath as you sew in order to cross both edge seams. Press this seam to one side, pressing the still open allowance of the back in the same way.

Stuff your wreath through this cut in the back. Blind-stitch the cut closed. Sew a small loop on the back to hang your wreath from a hook.


Fabric wreath: Decorate your wreath for any holiday season.

Fabric wreath: Decorate your wreath for any holiday season.

Decorating Ideas

You can add a large bow to your wreath, placing it to cover the seam. Consider turning your wreath so the seam is to the side for an asymmetrical look. You can wrap your wreath in narrow ribbons, either one long ribbon that wraps around and around the wreath or ten or twelve short ribbons that tie around the wreath at regular intervals with knots in the back or small bows in the front. You can sew on or use a hot glue gun to attach silk or straw flowers, plastic decorations such as hearts or clovers, or felt shapes like black cats and orange pumpkins.

Consider a bouquet of six or so silk flowers tied together with narrow ribbons with long trailing tails. Curve the bouquet around one lower side and stitch it in place. A white satin wreath with white ribbons would make a lovely wedding shower decoration, especially if the guests tucked money under the ribbons.

To make a heart-shaped pillow, exaggerate the curves at the top, compared to the point at the bottom. More of the width will be lost to stuffed depth there than at the point.

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