Scalloped Topped Curtains

Some curtains, usually café curtains with tabs or with peaks clipped to rings, will have scallops between the tabs or rings. To make scallops, cut the curtains allowing an extra 6″ or so at the top to fold back for lining. The amount you need to allow will depend on the depth of your scallops. Also, if you plan to fold the top back for tabs, remember to allow the total length of the tab in both the curtains and the lining.

After the side hems are sewn, turn the top down toward the front the amount you allowed for your lining. Pin it both at the bottom edge and across the fold to hold it securely.

Make a pattern for the scallops. These can be a half circle if you are attaching your curtains to rings or much deeper for tabs. Space them evenly across the top of the curtain, perhaps 1″ apart. Mark the scallops with a pencil or chalk.

Being sure that the fabric stays flat on the fold, stitch along the marked scallops. Cut away the half circles to within ¼″ of the stitching and clip the curves. Turn the lining to the back and gently push out the peaks or tabs. Press. Turn tabs under the appropriate length, and hand-stitch them to the lining.

Congratulations! You've finished your first set of curtains!

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