Putting Front and Back Together

There are two ways of putting the caddy frame together. One is to pin the front and back right sides together then sew around the edge like you would a pillow, leaving a gap to turn it right side out. This method is recommended for the detachable caddy and any other made with relatively lightweight fabrics. If you are using a clothes hanger, leave a gap near the top that's large enough to insert your hanger. If you plan to suspend your caddy on three hooks, leave the entire top open.

The other method, which is recommended for heavier fabrics that aren't going to turn easily, is to layer the front and back wrong sides together and sew around the edge. You will cover the raw edge with seam binding afterward.

If you choose this method for a detachable caddy, the ties will have to be sewn to the back after the edges are finished, though the soft half of the fasteners can still be sewn to the back in advance. Begin stitching on the clothes-hanger type at the center top, leaving space for the hanger hook. Just before you are ready to sew the other shoulder, slip the hanger between the layers, holding it out of the way of the presser foot but with the hook remaining outside.

If you are using the turned method to put your caddy together, you can add piping or ruffles to the edge. Sew them to the front of your frame before you attach it to the back.

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