Attachments for Hanging

If you are planning to hang your caddy from a rod suspended from three hooks, or if you are using a clothes hanger, you will be finishing your attachments later. Sleeves or ties that will be used for hanging your caddy should be added now.

Sleeve for a Dowel

There are any number of ways to attach a sleeve to the back of a hanging. Often these are sewn on by hand later. However, here is one suggestion for a sturdier sleeve.

Begin by folding your 3″ wide strip in half the long way, with right sides together. Sew across the ends. Clip the corner at the fold, and turn it right side out. Fold and press the whole strip in half the long way to make a 1½″ wide, double-thickness strip with finished ends. On the frame back, measure down from the top 1¼″ and mark a straight line across the fabric there. Center your sleeve above this line with the raw edge lined up with it. This is sort of an upside-down version of the way you attached the pockets. Make sure the ends are within the side seam allowances.

If you are concerned that your caddy will want to sag or curl at the bottom when the pockets are full, you can add a second sleeve for a dowel at the bottom of your caddy. Attach it very close to the bottom seam allowance.

Sew the strip to the frame ¼″ from the raw edge. You might want to reinforce this seam with twill tape or seam binding on the back. Turn the sleeve downward and press. Topstitch close to the lower edge of the sleeve.

Detachable Caddy Ties

If you want to be able to attach your caddy to something like a crib rail, you can add your ties to the frame on top of the pockets.

Turn under one end of each of the ties. Blind-stitch or topstitch them closed. If you are using self-gripping fasteners, put 1″ or 2″ of the stiff, or hook, half onto the finished ends of each tie. If you plan to attach your caddy with buttons, center a buttonhole in one end of each. Refer to your sewing machine manual for specific instructions.

Evenly space your ties across the top of your frame front, remembering to allow for the side seam allowances. Line the unfinished end of your ties up with the raw edge of the top of the frame. The self-gripping fastener should be lying face up on the frame. Sew across the ties ½″ from the raw edge.

Add the other half of the fasteners to the back so they are spaced to match the ties.

What if my machine doesn't have a buttonhole attachment?

Draw a line the length of your button's diameter. Work zigzag stitches along one side of the line. Widen the stitches to go across the end. Pivot and return to narrow stitches for the other side and repeat at the other end. Cut the buttonhole between the rows of stitches.

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