Smoke and Other Environmental Hazards

Even a person with normal sensory integration can be bothered by the smell of cigarette smoke. It gets into every bit of clothing and hair and furniture and lingers long after the smoker has left the room. If you have a child who is sensitive to smells and you're a smoker, consider this one more good reason to quit. The odors may bother your child in ways she can't articulate, and the crabbiness that results is the side effect.

If your child is undersensitive to smell, you may have to alert her when dangerous odors are in the air. Steer her away from cigarette smoke or car exhaust, beware when cleaning with bleach or other products with noxious fumes, and help her know when a litter box needs changing or a room has some bad food hidden somewhere under the clutter. Just because your child doesn't notice these odors doesn't mean they can't be dangerous to her.

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