Read Your Way to Success

Reading is very hypnotic. Think back to when you were a child and your parents read fairy tales to you or maybe even a time where you read fairy tales or similar children's stories to your own children. As you remember these stories that were read to you, vivid pictures came to mind of the characters and the situations that they found themselves in. While you were reading or hearing the stories, your imagination brought the characters to life in the story. The reason you were able to imagine them that way is that you were open to suggestion, which is also known as being in hypnosis.

Therefore, any time you read suggestions or affirmations to yourself or even to someone else and you are open to suggestion, you are hypnotizing yourself. It will be even more effective if you allow your imagination to run free and create the story or suggestions in your mind. The more vivid and full of feeling you can make the experience, the more effective it will be to you.

This is one of the many ways you can utilize the upcoming sessions included in this book. You can either read them onto a recording device so you can play it back to hypnotize yourself, or you can simply relax somewhere and read them on the page.

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