Myth 8: Hypnosis Is a Magical Spell

This misconception is probably the most damaging to those who desire to benefit from hypnosis. Hypnosis is not a magic spell. It is simply a helpmate. There is nothing taking control over your body, making you change against your will.

The mystery of hypnosis is that it is a helpful tool in attaining goals but cannot be seen or touched. Some in the medical community refer to it as clinical even though it is totally of the mind and powered by thought and imagination. Something difficult to understand or rationalize within the conscious mind often gets labeled as magic or even a miracle. It's interesting to note that many miracles of the past can be explained with science or are commonplace occurrences today. Many of the advanced medical techniques used in hospitals today may have also been considered magic years ago.

Rather than being a magic spell, hypnosis simply assists you in your progress. Being a helpmate requires participation on your part. It requires desire and commitment. Once you are committed to change and are ready to take the next step, it is there to help you through the use of your strong subconscious mind. It is your own subconscious mind that is doing the work, not some mysterious outside magical influence.

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