How Hypnosis Can Work for You

The ways that you can use hypnosis to help yourself or to improve the lives of others are unlimited. As long as you are open-minded, have a true desire to improve, and are committed to your goal, it can work for you. Here are just a few of the ways that hypnosis can benefit you.

Eliminating Bad Habits

This is probably one of the most frequent uses of hypnosis. In most clinical hypnosis offices, smoking cessation and weight loss account for approximately 75 percent of their business.

Although smoking is an addiction, it can be very successfully eliminated through the assistance of hypnosis. Remembering that you cannot be hypnotized against your will, you must have a desire to quit smoking for hypnosis to work. Hypnosis is a wonderful helpmate but not a magic spell.

Weight loss is also commonly treated with hypnosis. While the amount of weight loss each week with hypnosis may be less than many of the fad diets on the market today, it is a gradual, safe way to lose weight. Many additional suggestions can be given during a weight-loss session, such as increasing metabolism, energy, exercise, and the desire to eat healthy foods; eating slower; and eating much less.

Other bad habits that are very commonly addressed with hypnosis are nail biting, bedwetting, and laziness, which, if the subject has the desire to change, can be handled very easily. Many people are also finding hypnosis to be extremely helpful in dealing with anger issues and in controlling their tempers.

Ease Pain and Heal Faster

In addition to eliminating bad habits, hypnosis has also been found very effective in dealing with healing and pain management. Many of the more open-minded hospitals are now including hypnotherapists on their staff. Hospitals are realizing that hypnotherapy can be a viable alternative to anesthesia as well as aid their patients in healing faster.


It is important to realize that pain is a signal that the body utilizes to inform you that something is wrong. Before treating yourself or others for pain, it is important to have a medical professional review the source of the pain to ensure the safety of the person.

Hypnosis is extensively used in childbirth. Hypnotic child-birthing clinics are springing up all over the country as an alternative to traditional birthing centers or hospitals. Through the hypnotic birthing process, a woman is able to experience less painful childbirth, and, depending on her suggestibility, may find it to be quite an enjoyable experience. The advantages to hypnotic birthing are that it is much less stressful on the child, and it helps to accelerate the healing and recuperation of the mother and the child. This is a wonderful alternative to using anesthesia.

Another medical area where hypnosis has been extremely successful is in working with patients with severe pain. With the assistance of hypnosis, patients are able to bring themselves or be brought by a hypnotherapist to a state of extreme relaxation. Hypnosis can also be used to help them have a positive mindset and even to increase strength or energy, which aids in the healing process.


Hypnosis and the business community have turned out to be a wonderful match. Most highly successful corporations have been sending their top salespeople or managers to sales and motivation training for years. They have found that if they can improve their employees' self-images through many of the motivational techniques that are taught, in the long run it will increase their productivity as well as their income-earning potential.

Through hypnosis you can greatly enhance someone's sales ability, public speaking ability, productivity, confidence, assertiveness, attitude, and the list goes on and on.

Eliminate Fears

There has been an extremely high success rate in dealing with phobias and panic attacks utilizing hypnosis. With hypnosis you are able to get to the root cause of a phobia and either eliminate the cause or change the way you look at or feel about it, thereby eliminating the fear. Hypnosis is used to address some of the most common phobias, such as fear of spiders, flying, bridges, needles, exam anxiety, dogs, going places, driving, and socializing.

Personal Issues

Hypnosis can greatly help many personal areas in your life. Self-improvement suggestions can be given for success motivation, attaining goals, increasing confidence, and building a positive mental attitude. Other areas of self-improvement that are very popular as well as successful with hypnosis are in enjoying life and being happy.

There are also many relationship issues that can be addressed with hypnosis. Suggestions can be given to help you improve your patience or tolerance, be more considerate, eliminate selfishness, work as a team, increase understanding, and even be more loving and attentive. In the area of breakups, it can greatly help ease your ex-partner from your mind by increasing your self-confidence so you can move on with your life.

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