Motivation to Move On

You've got it all. You have made a decision to move out of your comfort zone. You're facing your fears and tackling your anxieties; you've assessed your abilities, rekindled an old dream, and you're ready to take some risks. Now, all you need is the “oomph,” the push, the thrust, and the impetus to move.

Motivation is the force, the energy that drives you to action. Motivation is a compelling asset to reaching your big dream. There are two types of motivation — external and internal.

External Motivation

External motivation is the weakest motivation. It is motivation that comes from others to you. It is the motivation that comes from others pushing you and not you pushing yourself. It is motivation that is driven by external reward or punishments. External motivation is your husband or wife telling or asking you to lose weight. External motivation is your parents making you go to college. External motivation is your boss demanding you attend a meeting you'd rather skip. External motivation is forced and is not altruistic.

Most dreams and goals driven by external motivators are not reached. They are not reached because they are not your own. You did not initiate them. A dream must be your dream or it stands the grave likelihood that it will not be reached.

What is altruistic motivation?

Altruistic motivation is when you are driven to do something for the good of doing it. There are no monetary rewards, no paydays, no congratulations, and no hero's welcome. Altruism is being intrinsically driven to do something good for someone or some cause just because it is the right and just thing to do.

Internal Motivation

Internal motivation is the strongest motivation because it is yours; it comes from your heart and it is driven by your desire to grow. Internal motivation is a force. It is the psychological power that demands that you get up and get out. It is energy unbridled.

You've felt it before. It is that indescribable feeling when you just can't help but do something. It is that unstoppable urge to “take the bull by the horns” and conquer the world. Most dreams, when fueled by internal motivation, are achievable.

Leaving your comfort zone involves the possibility of failure, but it also involves the possibility of winning, growing, succeeding, and changing your life for the better. It is not a simple or easy thing to do, but it is a thing you must do if you want to achieve a healthier sense of self-esteem.

Once you move out of your comfort zone just a little, it becomes almost addictive to find the answer to “What can I do next?” Only you will ever be able to answer that question, and that question can only be answered by moving out of your comfort zone.

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