Top 10 Little-Known Facts About Saints

  1. Some of the saints who are most revered for their healing abilities ultimately died from illnesses that they could not cure in themselves.

  2. Although some saints know from a very early age that they are destined for martyrdom, many saints begin as precocious children and are slow to develop sanctity. and are slow to develop sanctity.

  3. Saints often come in clusters — one person's holiness can spark the other to become more holy. Throughout history, there are dozens of examples of “holy pairs.”

  4. Some saints have a unique ability to communicate with and tame wild animals.

  5. Many saints suffered from multiple bouts of depression, anxiety, and bipolar episodes during their earthly lives.

  6. Many of the saints converted to Christianity as adults.

  7. While some saints shunned earthly pleasures, others embraced the created world.

  8. Although many saints were martyred by non-Christians, saints often experienced persecution and alienation within the Church.

  9. In many cases, the true holiness of a person's life is not revealed until after he has died, when miracles are then attributed to him.

  10. Many of the bodies of saints remain intact long after they've died.

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