Understand the Effects of Running on Your Body

The outlook of this book is that there's no sport like running to help you feel more fit and focused, physically and mentally. However, after sharing your new enthusiasm for running you might hear excuses from others that it is bad for your joints, that you are too old, or that running is too time-consuming.

You may not want to listen to this advice, but it's important: Running is a high-impact sport that does affect people's joints differently. Before you incorporate a running program into, say, the countdown for your wedding because you're convinced it's the only way you'll look and feel great—and keep your sanity—in preparation for the big day, be smart and get a physical exam. The last thing you need is an injury if it turns out that you're not biomechanically cut out for this activity.


Ask your doctor what she thinks of your starting a running program. You may want to consult a specialist, too, like an orthopedist or someone whose focus is sports injuries. You may need to prepare your body first before you can start running.

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