Racing on the Road

One way to get an invigorating workout while on a business or pleasure trip is to enter a local race. Go online a few weeks before you're scheduled to leave and do a search for local running clubs in the area you're planning to visit. Go to their websites, and see what's on the race calendar.

Call the contact person for the race to get more information on the size of the event, whether it's a hilly or flat course, whether there's a post-race party or expo, and so on. If you decide to do the race, ask for directions from the place where you'll be staying and ask how long it should take to get there.


Many cities have special races to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and New Year's Day. New York City's Midnight Run on New Year's Eve draws thousands of runners from all over the world to run a 5K through Central Park at midnight, accompanied by fireworks and nonalcoholic champagne. It's an extremely festive and fun way to start a new year.

Marathoning Around the World

Why not do a really big race in a new place? That's what legions of marathoners from around the world choose to do. The many advantages are that you can get a good rate to travel and stay someplace for a week, you're traveling with like-minded folks, you don't have to worry too much about how much you eat while you're there (though, of course, you want to avoid foods that are too exotic, especially before the race), and you'll have an instant sightseeing tour.

It's easy to find information on running marathons in all corners of the world. Start at, or buy Runner's World magazine, and you'll be on your way.

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