If you enjoy reading about running, you're already got one of the best books out there — this one! But like all sports and hobbies, running has produced a deep and wide body of works. The running library includes books on training for particular events, health and injuries, the psychology of running, and the pure enjoyment of running. This list is not all-inclusive, but it includes classics by Dr. George Sheehan, Bob Glover, Jeff Galloway, Amby Burfoot, and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

Two publishers that specialize in books on running and physical fitness are Rodale Press in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, and Human Kinetics Publications in Champaign, Illinois. Many of their titles are listed below. You can also research their selections online.

General Training and Inspiration

Battista, Garth, ed. The Runner's Literary Companion: Great Stories and Poems About Running. (Penguin USA, 1996)

Battista, Garth. How Running Changed My Life: True Stories of the Power of Running. (Breakaway Books, 2002)

Bingham, John. No Need for Speed: A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running. (Rodale, 2002)

Bloom, Marc. Run With the Champions: Training Programs and Secrets of America's 50 Greatest Runners. (Rodale, 2001)

Burfoot, Amby, ed. Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Know to Run for Fun, Fitness, and Competition. (Rodale, 1997)

Burfoot, Amby. The Principles of Running. (Rodale, 1999)

Burfoot, Amby. The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life: What 35 Years of Running Has Taught Me About Winning, Losing, Happiness, Humility, and the Human Heart. (Daybreak Books, 2000)

Burfoot, Amby. Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running. (Rodale, 2005)

Chase, Adam and Nancy Hobbs. The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running. (Lyons Press, 2001)

Couch, Jean. The Runner's Yoga Book: A Balanced Approach to Fitness. (Rodmell Press, 1990)

Craythorn, Dennis and Rich Hanna. The Ultimate Runner's Journal: Your Daily Training Partner and Log. (Marathon Publishing, 1998)

Daniels, Jack. Daniels' Running Formula. (Human Kinetics, 2004)

Ellis, Joe and Joe Henderson. Running Injury-Free: How to Prevent, Treat, and Recover from Dozens of Painful Problems. (Rodale, 1994)

Fishpool, Sean. Beginner's Guide to Long-Distance Running. (Barrons, 2005)

Galloway, Jeff. Galloway's Book on Running. (Shelter Publications, 1984)

Galloway, Jeff. Jeff Galloway's Training Journal. (Phidippides Publication, 1998)

Glover, Bob and Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover. The Competitive Runner's Handbook: The Bestselling Guide to Running 5Ks Through Marathons. (Penguin USA, 1999)

Glover, Bob. The Runner's Handbook: The Best-Selling Classic Fitness Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Runners. (Penguin USA, 1996)

Glover, Bob and Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover. The Runner's Training Diary: For Fitness Runners and Competitive Racers. (Penguin USA, 1997)

Henderson, Joe and Amby Burfoot. Best Runs. (Human Kinetics, 1998)

Henderson, Joe and Jeff Galloway. Better Runs: 25 Years' Worth of Lessons for Running Faster and Farther. (Human Kinetics, 1995)

Henderson, Joe and Hal Higdon. Running 101. (Human Kinetics, 2000)

Higdon, Hal. Hal Higdon's How to Train: The Best Programs, Workouts, and Schedules for Runners of All Ages. (Rodale, 1997)

Higdon, Hal. Hal Higdon's Smart Running: Expert Advice on Training, Motivation, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, and Good Health for Runners of Any Age and Ability. (Rodale, 1998)

Higdon, Hal. Run Fast: How to Beat Your Best Time Every Time. (Rodale, 2000)

Higdon, Hal. Run Fast: How to Train for a 5-K or 10-K Race. (Rodale, 1992)

Kowalchik, Claire. The Complete Book of Running for Women. (Pocket Books, 1999)

Lundgren, Chris. Runner's World Guide to Running and Pregnancy. (Rodale, 2003)

Lynch, Jerry and Warren A. Scott. Running Within: A Guide to Mastering the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection for Ultimate Training and Racing. (Human Kinetics, 1999)

MacNeil, Ian. The Beginning Runner's Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk/Run Program. (Greystone Publishing, 1999)

Martin, David E. and Peter N. Coe. Better Training for Distance Runners. (Human Kinetics, 1997)

McMillan, Greg and Juliana Risner. Zap! You're a Runner. (Road Runner Sports, 1999)

Nelson, Kevin. The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration: A Year of Motivation, Revelation, and Instruction. (McGraw-Hill, 1999)

Noakes, Tim. Lore of Running. (Human Kinetics, 2002)

Noakes, Tim and Stephen Granger. Running Injuries: How to Prevent and Overcome Them. (Oxford University Press, 2003)

Poulin, Kirsten, Christina Flaxel, MD, and Stan Swartz. Trail Running: From Novice to Master. (Mountaineers Books, 2002)

Reese, Paul. The Old Man and the Road: Reflections While Completing a Crossing of All 50 States on Foot at Age 80. (Keokee Co. Publishing, 2000)

Runner's World Magazine. Runner's World: Training Journal. (Wiley, published annually)

Scott, Dagny. Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running: The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance. (Rodale, 2000)

Sheehan, George. Dr. George Sheehan on Getting Fit and Feeling Great: How to Feel Great 24 Hours a Day/Running and Being/This Running Life/Three Volumes in One. (Listen U.S.A. 1985)

Sheehan, George. George Sheehan on Running to Win: How to Achieve the Physical, Mental & Spiritual Victories of Running. (Rodale, 1994)

Sheehan, George. Going the Distance: One Man's Journey to the End of His Life. (Villard Books, 1996)

Sheehan, George. Personal Best: The Foremost Philosopher of Fitness Shares Techniques and Tactics for Success and Self-Liberation. (Rodale, 1992)

Sheehan, George. Running and Being: The Total Experience. (Second Wind II, 1998)

Svensson, Sharon L. The Total Runner's Log: The Essential Training Tool for the Runner. (Trimarket, 1998)

Weisenfeld, Murray and Barbara Burr. The Runner's Repair Manual: A Complete Program for Diagnosing and Treating Your Foot, Leg and Back Problems. (St. Martin's Press, 1981)

Will-Weber, Mark, ed. The Quotable Runner: Great Moments of Wisdom, Inspiration, Wrongheartedness, and Humor. (Breakaway Books, 1995)

Marathon Training

Bloch, Gordon Bakoulis. How to Train for and Run Your Best Marathon. (Fireside, 1993)

Galloway, Jeff. Marathon! (Phidippides Publications, 2000)

Griffin, Jane. Nutrition for Marathon Running. (Crowood Press, 2005)

Hanc, John and Grete Waitz. The Essential Marathoner: A Concise Guide to the Race of Your Life. (Lyons Press, 1996)

Henderson, Joe. Marathon Training: The Proven 100-Day Program for Success. (Human Kinetics, 1997)

Higdon, Hal. Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide. (Rodale, 1999)

Nerurkar, Richard and Steve Cram. Marathon Running: The Complete Training Guide. (Lyons Press, 2001)

Pfitzinger, Pete and Scott Douglas. Advanced Marathoning. (Human Kinetics, 2001)

Whitsett, David A., Forrest A. Dolgener, and Tanjala Mabon Kole. The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer. (McGraw-Hill, 1998)

Marathon History

Boeder, Robert B. Beyond the Marathon: The Grand Slam of Trail Ultrarunning (Old Mountain Press, 1996)

Connelly, Michael. 26 Miles to Boston: The Boston Marathon Experience from Hopkinton to Copley Square. (The Lyons Press, 2003)

Derderian, Tom. The Boston Marathon: A Century of Blood, Sweat, and Cheers. (Triumph Books, 2003)

Derderian, Tom. Boston Marathon: The First Century of the World's Premier Running Event. (Human Kinetics, 1996)

Lonergan, Tom. Heartbreak Hill: The Boston Marathon Thriller. Fiction. (Writers Club Press, 2002)

Martin, David E. and Roger W. H. Gynn. The Olympic Marathon. (Human Kinetics, 2000)

Rubin, Ron. Anything For A T-shirt: Fred Lebow And The New York City Marathon, The World's Greatest Footrace. (Syracuse University Press, 2004)

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