Training for and Running the Half-Marathon

The desire to race a half-marathon is a natural progression for many runners who have completed a mileage buildup program and wish to meet a new goal. Although it doesn't require the same degree of commitment as training for a marathon, the half-marathon is still a worthy challenge that many runners around the world seek. It's also a practical way to gauge your endurance if you're coming off racing the 10K and want to build up to a marathon.

Mileage Buildup for the Half-Marathon

Begin your half-marathon training by finding the training week or level from one of the two mileage buildup schedules in Chapter 5 that more closely matches your present training routine. From that point, proceed until you complete the remaining mileage specified on whichever schedule you use.

Next, continue your training by following your choice of the two schedules featured next. Determine the maximum distance of your longest training run (and thus your choice of charts) based on your competitive aspirations along with how much you enjoy doing long runs.

You should complete the longest training run (16 miles) no more than three weeks before the half-marathon. Run at least 12 miles in practice to be minimally prepared for the 13.1-mile race.

It is important to note that while mileage is indicated in these schedules beginning two days following the half-marathon, it is crucial that you listen to your body and take additional rest days as needed to facilitate full muscle recovery.



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