Herb Scented Candles

Scented candles can create tranquil and refreshing atmosphere in your home. Lavender, rosemary, and southernwood are some popular choices for scented candles.


2 pounds paraffin wax

2 wax crayons or a few drops of candle colorant

2 cups dried herbs or 4 cups packed fresh herbs

Candle molds, or recycled tin cans will work

1 teaspoon of Petroleum jelly

Candle wicking, enough length to make several candles

Pencils, one for each candle you are making

  • Melt the paraffin wax slowly in a double boiler pot (or use a bowl in a saucepan of water).

  • Stir in the colorant or wax crayon.

  • Remove the wax from the heat and mix in the herbs as it cools.

  • Coat the molds with the petroleum jelly.

  • Drop a length of wick to the bottom of the mold, then tie the top of the wick to the pencil and place it on top of the mold in order to hold the wick tight. Fill the mold with the wax.

  • Allow the candles to set overnight, then remove them carefully from the mold.

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