Hillside Root Cellar

Excavating into a hillside takes some sweat equity, but the results are well worth the effort. If you have a large area you want to dig, renting or hiring an excavator may be the easier route to take. This type of cellar can be used without constructing any walls or roof if you have stiff clay for soil, but a wall and access door must be built on the one open side. If the soil is not as stable as you wish, a stout framework made from timber, logs, and large rocks or cements blocks can be constructed for the walls, with a wooden roof built to enclose the cellar. Covering the roof with as much soil as possible will give your root cellar the best natural insulation.

A north-facing site is ideal when choosing the location you want to excavate because it leaves the least exposure to sunlight. If you live in a warm climate, try to position the entrance wall away from the sun and away from the prevailing winds if at all possible, as mentioned in Chapter 2.

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