Hatch Root Cellar

A hatch cellar is made by digging into the earth and installing a hatch door for entry, with a ladder or stairs leading into the storage area. It is usually built within some other structure. For example, your home, garage, or shed might have a hole excavated beneath it that can be accessed through a trap door in the floor. Lighting is also a requirement for this type of cellar, so make sure you consider this when making your plans.

If you live in an extremely cold climate, it may be necessary to place a small heater in your root cellar to keep the temperature above freezing. When using a heater, make sure you closely monitor the temperature — the ideal temperature for storing most fruits and veggies is just above freezing.

Depending on how deep you dig and where the natural water table lies, water may be a concern if you have a hatch cellar. A pump to remove excess water may be needed in the spring or after a heavy rain. With this type of cellar, make sure your shelving and any containers are not directly touching the walls or floor.

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