Sweet Seasons

Where we live, there is nothing quite like the splendor of the fall leaves. The colors are usually spectacular, and we make a point of taking drives to enjoy the sights and smells of autumn. For those who are paying attention, each season of the year offers different romantic opportunities. Here are a few ideas about romantic activities that are part of the seasons of the year.


Think rebirth, renewal, fresh starts, and great fragrances. The scents of spring are some of the most pleasant of the entire year. Spring rains can be dramatic and full of fury or quiet and peaceful. Both give you the chance to cuddle and enjoy nature's presence. It's no big surprise that spring break is a major national event, especially in many coastal regions. Clothes come off, bathing suits go on, and love (not to mention quite a bit of debauchery) blooms among college students.

It has been said that spring is the time when a young man's thoughts turn to love. That feeling certainly isn't limited to young men. The first warm spell of the year can be a great inspiration, if you let it. When winter's cold grip leaves, cabin fever ends. People get out and about. Spring should remind you that it is always important to reenergize a relationship. Take this time to renew the outdoor activities you enjoy with that special person, from gardening to golfing.


Heat and passion are words that go together. Summer goes with heat, so summer should go with passion. Clothes that were kind of skimpy in the spring are genuinely tiny in the summer. It's the season of oils, lotions, swims, sun, and fun. For many, family vacations are part of the activities. These things allow you time to relax and enjoy each other. They can also be times to touch all that bare skin that your partner is showing.

Summer events such as picnics and barbecues are great times for couples to share. The contrast of cool food with hot summer days can inspire you to feed your lover one grape at a time, while he or she rests in your lap. Strawberries go great with champagne. Sharing food can be a sensuous activity, and summer is a time when finger foods abound. And let's not forget that summer is also the season of skinny-dipping.

Quiet walks on a beach or by a lake can turn into moments of great passion!


There are lots of things to do besides looking at leaves when fall arrives. Football games and tailgate parties abound, and there are hayrides, bonfires, apple-picking, and pumpkin-carving to enjoy. It's a time to give thanks for nature's harvest. Kids and adults alike enjoy the fun of Halloween. Wearing masks and dressing in costumes can be titillating. For many couples, it's a time to return to the college or high school where you first met. Reliving old times often reminds you of what was attractive about your partner from day one.

Depending on where you live, fall is when you light that first major fire in the stove or fireplace after a long summer break. Even for those who only use candles, autumn should be the season that reminds you of the connection between fire and love, flames and passion.


After spring has sprung and fall has fallen, if you live up north it turns cold as heck. What's romantic about that? That probably depends on your outlook. We don't get a whole lot of winter where we live, but we still know the value of warm water on a freezing day. Hot tubs and Jacuzzis are great when you're trying to get the old circulation going. Hot tub baths with someone you love often get even more going.

For everybody, winter is a time when the sun goes down earlier in the evening. If nothing else, that should remind you of the relationship between night and romance. Darkness provides cover. Candles can break the dark and warm your heart. A cold, quiet blanket of snow can be a time of peaceful, serene intimacy. Let the season do its worst with swirling snow and howling winds; you can find ways to do your best with the one you love.

The Seasonal Romantic Compatibility Quiz

Take this quiz first; then give it to your partner or the person you are dating.

Now, count the number of times your answer exactly matched your spouse or date:

If you have five to seven matches, you are seasonally compatible.

If you have three or four matches, you probably have seasonal “issues.”

If you have two or fewer matches, you need to figure out how to work   around how each season affects your moods, so you don't end up   arguing or getting on each other's nerves.

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