The Honeymoon

Deciding where to go on a honeymoon can be one of the great debates you have as an engaged couple. It can be delightfully fun and romantic at the same time. Surfing together on the Web for sites, going to a travel agent, or sharing brochures and magazines featuring honeymoon locations causes you to look forward together to the first few days of married life. Here are few suggestions as you and your partner exchange ideas:

  • Go where you want, not where family or friends say is best.

  • Don't go where your parents went unless both of you agree it's the best choice.

  • Do be aware you're probably going to spend quite a bit of time indoors, so opt for a nice room.

  • Include places that offer activities both of you like as part of the selection process.

  • Stay within a reasonable budget. Being broke right afterward isn't all that romantic.

  • If you can't go someplace exotic, start planning what you can afford as quickly as possible.

  • Remember, choosing a honeymoon destination is never worth fighting about.

One of the secrets to a successful honeymoon is to avoid building expectations that are impossible to meet. This is easier said than done. Still, remember there can be a natural letdown following the actual wedding and reception. You may feel tired and grumpy. As a result, it's a good idea to make sure a honeymoon includes time for resting and relaxing. Then it's easier to move on to other fun and games.

There may come a point in your marriage in which the most romantic thing you or your partner will ever say is, “Let's have a baby.”

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