More Romantic Scents

Besides the products we use on our bodies to smell better, there are other ways to spice up a night of romance. The most obvious is fresh flowers, which add a wonderful fragrance to a room. (Lots of guys also like getting flowers as gifts; they're not just for ladies!) A freshly cut Christmas tree leaves a distinct aroma that most people love. Scented candles are part of nights of seduction and passion in many homes. The secret is to be creative in using all of these tools to make the right connection. After all, the smell of a cup of hot chocolate may make the perfect impression when you want to cuddle on a cold winter's night.

Fragrances can have a powerful effect on a male's libido. One expert suggests that both fruity and floral aromas are attractive to men. A few drops of orange or grapefruit essential oil in a ceramic light bulb ring fills a bedroom with a seductive scent. Placing flowers into warm water causes them to bloom faster and emit a more intense odor, which also puts everyone in the right mood.

Let's also consider those scents that are less attractive and less romantic. For instance, cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke fit into this category. Bad breath as well as the smell of liquor and heavy perspiration normally reduce the chances of romance. And remember that although you may be used to the smell of your pet, your dating partner may be more sensitive. Tidy up before inviting someone to your home and make sure that he or she does not have pet-related allergies.

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