Grand Gestures

Toward the other extreme, every once in a while, you just want to shout out to everyone within hearing distance, “I love my ____,” where ____ might be your husband, wife, lover, partner, or romantic friend. To make the statement in no uncertain terms, you design some major event. These can take all kinds of forms. There are surprise parties for birthdays and anniversaries. There are dinners and evenings out. Or, you can cook a major dinner at home, complete with candles and all the extras. On an even greater scale, trips and vacations, second honeymoons, weekend retreats, and other getaways that you take the initiative to arrange are grand gestures with lots of romantic potential. (See Appendix A for a state-by-state listing of some great getaways.)

Grand gestures usually generate two results: immediate passion and long-term memories. Immediate passion leads to fun, lust, romance, excitement, and other good stuff. There is also quite a bit to be gained in the long term. You can reinforce the positive feelings you received from being the beneficiary of a great gesture. How? Here are a few ideas to help savor the memory:

  • Make a scrapbook with photos and other small items (ticket stubs, programs) as a remembrance of a great trip or visit.

  • Buy a photo album and fill it with pictures of you and your partner doing special romantic things.

  • Keep a collection of love letters sent by your favorite person. Have them bound like a book, so you can keep them forever.

  • Edit a special videotape presentation of your key times alone together. Give it as a gift for a special occasion, such as the anniversary of the day you met.

  • Keep a journal as a personal reminder of all the nice things your partner does for you. Reread it often.

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